Friday, 2 August 2013

Where would I be without my Kindle

I have to be honest......... when I received a Kindle as a Christmas gift from hubby I was more than a little disappointed. I've never considered myself to be much of a reader, 3 books per year just doesn't cut it, so why on earth would he buy me a Kindle. Try and look grateful Annie, it's the thought that counts. So I loaded in a couple of free books from Amazon and away I went

Well, who would have known that I would fall head over heels in love with this pocket size companion? It's my one and only gadget that I could not live without, you could take away my iPhone, iPad, iPod, or laptop but don't even think about coming near my Kindle!!

The very ease of having a pint sized piece of equipment to carry around with me, in my handbag, pocket etc. has meant that I can use every opportunity to read........and read and read. That 3 books per year I mentioned is now 3 books per month!

Disaster struck when my 1st Kindle decided enough was enough and sadly gave up the will to charge itself however that was soon remedied with a trip to Tesco to pick up a replacement, this time in the form of a Kindle Paperwhite. Who would have thought that life could get any easier, with the Paperwhite's back light now I can read in the dark!

Before I leave I must tell you about the next best thing to my Kindle, the fantastic EReader UK EBook Club which offers a yearly (minimal) subscription for which you can have 1, 2 or 4 books per month depending on the package you choose. The wonderful gentleman who runs the club, Gordon Haining provides an excellent service, prompting me with an email to make my monthly choices then delivering the books directly to my Kindle within 24 hours.
I've been a member for almost a year and a half and have recommended the club to several friends who are all now enjoying the benefits of being a member. The club and my Kindle just fit perfectly together.
Go on, give it a try........I promise you won't be disappointed :)