Saturday, 28 June 2014

Those Boots Were Made For Country

Following on from a recent tour with Katy Perry the fabulous Kacey Musgraves took to the dry stage at Manchester Ritz before  heading off to a wet stage at Glastonbury, and although we wouldn't usually miss a UK performance a sticky floored nightclub wins hands down over a muddy field with portaloos. 

I don't think I will ever tire of seeing this girl (fourth time tonight) who delivered yet another effortless performance. Even though my favourite Dandelion didn't quite make it I loved tonight's set list, a mix of tracks from Same Trailer Different Park, Dolly Parton's, Here I Come Again,  TLC's Scrubs and, wearing cowboy boots covered in little lights, Nancy Sinatra's These Boots Are Made For Walking and of course the new long awaited new release The Trailer Song . As always Kacey and her little Mariachi band left us wanting more with a promise from the little lady herself that she will be back soon xx



Monday, 16 June 2014

Happy Ever After?

Some tried and failed, some loved and loathed it but #100happydays has certainly left its mark on thousands of ordinary people. The challenge was to post a picture everyday for 100 days of something that makes you feel happy, no matter how big or small it may be. Who would have thought I'd have the staying power, but I did it, and not only Facebook and Instagram friends did it too. Sharing our happy moments together - what an amazing 100 days its turned out to be.

Banoffee cupcakes bribes

I've loved every minute of it and looking back to the beginning is already bringing back happy memories. I completed mine over the weekend and have to admit to having withdrawal symptoms already, to the point of wanting to start it all over again.

So to help my craving for more happiness here's a few of my favourite days.........a quick fix ;)

Grandad Ron and Noah stop for tea 
Drinking glasses 
New toy
Baby Buzz became a You Tube sensation
My Easter Eggs 
Mom joined the techno age 
Love this face 
The End........or is it?

Saturday, 14 June 2014

Nashville's Most Memorable

This has been the most amazing two weeks, the music, the people and the history in this city have given me such fabulous memories...........and probably a thousand pictures. Heaven only knows how I would cope without digital cameras. So, on this last night in Music City I wanted to reflect on my favourite Top Ten, which is not an easy task.

1.  The tallest building in Nashville, belonging to AT & T , also known as the Batman Building. right from day 1 this was like a beacon, we always knew where we were if we could see Batman.
2. Loved every minute of the tour of The Country Music Hall of Fame, the perfect mix of old and new.

3. Four nights of fabulous music, 23 acts plus guests, 1 happy me
4. Literally ran to the Box Office when I heard there were tickets available for the CMA Awards, wouldn't have missed it for the world even if I did spend most of the evening looking at Mr Urban
5. The tour of the Ryman Auditorium - yet more fascinating history
6. This was not only Music City it was Party City, and when the bar were full they took to the streets to have fun
7. You have no idea how exciting it was to be stood outside a closed Bluebird Café's where the cast of Nashville have been ;0
8. A nosebleed seat didn't spoil the show, what a way to start off our holiday
9. Taking the Studio B tour and seeing where Elvis Presley recorded his music
10. Traffic signs getting a little Redneck makeover just make me chuckle.
I could go on forever, there are just so many things that I wanted to share. Maybe I should just put them in a scrapbook xx

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Tastes of the South

Not only did we take in a little culture yesterday we managed to fit in a little tasting session too at Pritchard's Distillery followed by a supper of Gator Bites (those of you that know me well enough will have worked out that I passed on both counts and left it to the big guy)

 Spoilt for choice with 90% proof Rum he couldn't make his mind up which one he liked best,,,,,..... just a little more then sir? Finally he settled on the Sweet Georgia Belle, a mango and peach rum.
Chemistry Lesson 
Liquor on tap
                                                                 Well and truly pickled 
Loved this back porch at the gift store
This made me think of Sheena xxx
Time to soak up that liquor with a little local cuisine, with one of the most unusual dining experiences at Caney Fork. Along with a menu of exotic meats and game this restaurant had an indoor waterfall complete with catfish, and of course poolside diners. So Gator Bites is was then, which Steve describes as looking like lobster and tasting like chicken.........I'll take his word for it
Gator's really do bite
Wonder if you can pick your own catfish 
Ask for onion rings back home and you're lucky to get 4
Wonder what today will bring xx

Will the Circle Be Unbroken

The late night partying may be over but it's not quite the end of my Nashville adventures. Time for a little culture with a visit to The Country Music Hall of Fame.

First off we took the Studio B tour visiting the heart of Music Row and the very studio in which Elvis Presley recorded Are You Lonesome Tonight. Sat in that studio, with his piano in the corner, listening to the original recording actually gave me goose bumps.

Back to the main tour at the Country Music Hall of Fame filled with memorabilia from the stars across the years. Perfect timing for me as the current exhibition showcases Reba McEntire, my all time favourite female artist. Even though this is the age of downloads I'm proud to own almost every CD she has ever released.......that's around about 50 ;)
The infamous red dress
There are just too many photos to share, here's a few to whet your appetite

Glen Campbell

Patsy Cline

Tammy Wynette and George Jones

Miranda Lambert

Johnny Cash



Tuesday, 10 June 2014

That Old Devil Himself

If there was a roof over LP Field then tonight it would certainly have been in trouble. The Charlie Daniels, Band had everyone up out of their seats, young and old, with a hell raising rendition of Devil Went Down To Georgia. You never would have known that old devil of a fiddle player was 77 years old!!

Hard to follow that up but Thomas Rhett gave it a real good go. could have been his great grandson ;) Next up were the brilliant Hilary, Charles and Dave aka Lady Antebellum. Love their new single Bartender, but then I love everything that Lady A do

Hunter Hayes plays just about every instrument known to man, writes fabulous songs, and he can sing much talent for someone so young. Love the beautiful message of Invisible

Think Zac Brown was a little grumpy when he came to cold London this year but he seemed happy enough to play to this crowd. Fabulous performance with a surprise appearance from Richie Sambora singing Wanted Dead or Alive.

However for me the highlight was my personal song Sweet Annie

And last but my no means least, the totally awesome Brad Paisley who spent more time down with the crowd, jokingly attempting to beat the world record for selfies. He bought this magnificent CMA Fest to a close sending some 60,000 fans home singing Alcohol around the stadium. Love that guy x

Well that's it folks, my tales are done.................or are they...........Watch this space xx