Thursday, 12 June 2014

Tastes of the South

Not only did we take in a little culture yesterday we managed to fit in a little tasting session too at Pritchard's Distillery followed by a supper of Gator Bites (those of you that know me well enough will have worked out that I passed on both counts and left it to the big guy)

 Spoilt for choice with 90% proof Rum he couldn't make his mind up which one he liked best,,,,,..... just a little more then sir? Finally he settled on the Sweet Georgia Belle, a mango and peach rum.
Chemistry Lesson 
Liquor on tap
                                                                 Well and truly pickled 
Loved this back porch at the gift store
This made me think of Sheena xxx
Time to soak up that liquor with a little local cuisine, with one of the most unusual dining experiences at Caney Fork. Along with a menu of exotic meats and game this restaurant had an indoor waterfall complete with catfish, and of course poolside diners. So Gator Bites is was then, which Steve describes as looking like lobster and tasting like chicken.........I'll take his word for it
Gator's really do bite
Wonder if you can pick your own catfish 
Ask for onion rings back home and you're lucky to get 4
Wonder what today will bring xx

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