Saturday, 14 June 2014

Nashville's Most Memorable

This has been the most amazing two weeks, the music, the people and the history in this city have given me such fabulous memories...........and probably a thousand pictures. Heaven only knows how I would cope without digital cameras. So, on this last night in Music City I wanted to reflect on my favourite Top Ten, which is not an easy task.

1.  The tallest building in Nashville, belonging to AT & T , also known as the Batman Building. right from day 1 this was like a beacon, we always knew where we were if we could see Batman.
2. Loved every minute of the tour of The Country Music Hall of Fame, the perfect mix of old and new.

3. Four nights of fabulous music, 23 acts plus guests, 1 happy me
4. Literally ran to the Box Office when I heard there were tickets available for the CMA Awards, wouldn't have missed it for the world even if I did spend most of the evening looking at Mr Urban
5. The tour of the Ryman Auditorium - yet more fascinating history
6. This was not only Music City it was Party City, and when the bar were full they took to the streets to have fun
7. You have no idea how exciting it was to be stood outside a closed Bluebird Café's where the cast of Nashville have been ;0
8. A nosebleed seat didn't spoil the show, what a way to start off our holiday
9. Taking the Studio B tour and seeing where Elvis Presley recorded his music
10. Traffic signs getting a little Redneck makeover just make me chuckle.
I could go on forever, there are just so many things that I wanted to share. Maybe I should just put them in a scrapbook xx


  1. Wow x You have certainly packed a whole lot into your trip Annie x
    I've loved reading your updates :)

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    2. Thanks Sheena, I could never have imagined it would be this good, glad you enjoyed the ride xx

  2. Fantastic! Every post has made me smile and massive thanks for updating I've really enjoyed your adventures. Can't wait to go myself now. Safe trip back and see you soon x

  3. Glad to have been of service ;) It has most definitely been an adventure xxx