Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Under the Stars on Brighton Beach

I've had that song in my head for weeks, from the latest Rod Stewart album, and it couldn't have been more apt this weekend as we finally got the chance to visit Stephanie in sunny Brighton and boy did she walk my little legs off.

Within minutes of checking into our hotel we were off down to the seafront, passing one or two good looking retail outlets on the way, At this point it hadn't registered that we were heading downhill and I would have to get back up!!!!

 So we took in the sights, raced the dolphins along the pier, took the Victorian Railway past the nudist beach, dined at the marina, played (or at least attempted to play) table tennis before heading back into town to check out Choccywoccydoodah's.

 So much to choose from

The cat that got the cream.........

.............or dipping pots, coconut cake and a banana milkshake xx

The infamous Choccywoccydoodah Cafe

Just had to share our Girls Night Out picture, check out our very own cinema ;)
It may have taken me long enough to get there but it won't be anywhere near as long before I go back x