Monday, 16 December 2013

The Man in the Big Red Suit

The big day is fast approaching, the streets are lit by millions of fairy lights, the supermarket shelves are stacked up high as women stock up for the Apocalypse, and Slade is playing on the radio. So there's no better time to chill out and have Breakfast With Santa at the Beefeater, Kingswinford.

Whilst the grown ups helped themselves to a feast of traditional breakfast fayre these little moneys happily settled for Coco-pops and a chance to mingle with the man in the big red suit.

Leaving behind the remains of their mini feast the little ones were treated to arts and crafts, dancing and games with Santa himself. Unfortunately my little rockstar Noah couldn't quite get the concept of musical statues and continued to bop like crazy even after the music stopped. To end it all Santa handed out pretty fabulous Christmas presents to his flock of excited kiddies, remote control cars, pirate ships, Little Tikes trucks and Barbie dolls to name a few...............not a tacky cuddly toy in sight (well done Beefeater).
Noah's little girlfriend Ellie 
 Rocking those Christmas woollies
 Getting crafty 
 Watching his big brother stick his fingers together 
 Check out this handsome young man 
 Merry Christmas Everyone! 

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