Saturday, 15 June 2013

I want to be on the losing side

Life throws you curve balls sometimes that knock you off line,and there have been some pretty big ones around lately. So, the only way to deal with a load of balls is to get back on your feet and dust yourself off, and get yourself a giant sized net to catch anything life throws at you.

Top of the list this weekend is fat club, aka Slimming World. I must be on a  winning streak with the pounds I've gained lately so after a long a enlightening chat the girls from group the other night I'm gonna bat this ball out of the field. Joining in the fun are Tamsin, Theresa, Lisa, Tracey, Kam and Yvonne (for starters) and we're all going to give this a damn good try.

Might start by making my way through this box of delicious strawberries :)

Will I be a loser this week?? Watch this space to find out x


  1. Go for it! i'll be cheering you (and joining in) from the sidelines...i feel life kind of got in the way somewhere too, but back on track this week with 5 off x

  2. You can do this I know you can xxx